David – Michelangelo



The sculpture of David was created by the Italian artist Michelangelo. It was completed in 1504. It is a seventeen foot statue of a standing nude male. The statue is made of carrara marble. It was originally located in a public square outside of a government artist in Florence, Italy, but was moved to the Accademia Gallery in Florence in 1873.


Michelangelo depicts David before his battle with Goliath. David’s face looks tense, the tendons in his neck are bulging, he has a stiff posture and appears ready for battle. The sculpture is one of the most recognized works of renaissance sculpture and is a symbol of strength and human beauty. The proportions of the figure are not typical. The head and hands are unusually large. The statue is unusually slender compared to its height because work may have been done to the block of marble before Michelangelo began to carve it. These proportions may be due to the fact that the sculpture was meant to be on top of a roof line and the important parts would be more visible from a distance.


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